Explore science in the museums of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for its fantastic museums filled with extremely valuable antiques and art works of the most famous artists. Yet, this city also has a number of absolutely curious science museums which you might have never heard about unless you are really into science. These are perfect places for the most curious visitors as well as family with kids who are looking for an unusual and educational experience.

California Science Center

No matter whether you are crazy abut space exploration or aircraft, California Science Center is the place you should certainly visit.

California Science Center has a fantastic collection of space-related artificats you should not miss a chance to see them while you are visiting Los Angeles. The major collection of this museum fouces on the space trip of the Endeavour and offers the visitors a possibility to the various objects that where on the flight as well as the gigantic picies of this aircraft for example, rocket engines and a fuel tank.

The Endeavour is a real veteran of space exploration as it was on 25 return space journey. If you decide to visit California Science Center, you will be able to walk around the spaceship and explore it from all of the possible angles. Of course, the museum will provide you with all of the necessary information about the crew of the aircraft as well as its missions.

This exhibition itself sounds very promising, isn’t it? Yet, this is just one of the attractions of California Science Center. Here, you can also explre faschinating exhibitions displayed on a permanent basis that are focusing on the beginning of organic life on our planet and the evolution of its ecosystems.

Furthermore, there is a IMAX cinema on the premises of the Center where you can explore the unique places of our planet with the help of amazing 3D films. Of course, space is one of the themes of these films, however, there are more including ancient temples and the deep sea with its underwater life.

Of course, if you are a resident of Los Angeles, you should keep an eye on the temporary exhibitions offered by California Science Center.

La Brea Tar Pits and Museum

It does not matter whether you are interested in the natural history and science or you are just coming to Los Angeles with your kids and would like to organise a nice trip for them, you should absolutely visit La Brea Tar Pits and Museum.

To be precise, this place is a paleontological site and it is not just any minor site. This is one of the most crucial places for paleontologists who have been able to collect over 3.5 million fossils during a century of the exploration of this site. It was possible to find here such a gigantic number of fossils due to its tar pit that is producing natural asphalt yielding the fossils of prehistoric organisms, animals and plants.

The most curious and well-reserved ones of them are displayed to the public in the museum. Some of the most interesting items to see here are the parts of sabre-toothed cats, giant sloths and Ice-Age mammoths living on our planet during the period between 10.000 and 50.000 years ago.

The place has a lot more to offer to its visitors as it also tell them about the excavation process itself. Here, you can see the Fossil Lab. This is the place where the cleaning and preparation of the excavated objects is going on. Not only scientists are working here but also many volunteers interested in the natural science and willing to help them. Furthermore, in this paleontological complex, you will also have a chance to explore the real excavation site and see what the whole process of fossil removal looks in practice. You will also be able to witness the process of measuring and analysing the excavated items.

The premises of the complex also host the Lake Pit and Hancock Park where you will be able to see sculptures of giant slots as well a reconstruction of a mammoth.