Pick the most exclusive sweet treats as a gift from LA

For many people, getting something delicious as a gift is better than any other souvenir from a trip. Needless to say, some individuals will also be particularly happy if these local delicacies will be of a sweet type and they have a chance to taste some locally manufactured desserts. Los Angeles is a perfect place for shopping for such items since this multicultural city has a lot of curious options for shopping. You will find many places for getting your delicious presents in Westwood Village, however, you might be willing not to limit your choices exclusively to this neighbourhood and explore more possibilities.

The best gifts for the fans of toffee

There are many people who are crazy about toffees and they will certainly be excited to taste the locally produced dessert you bring them from Los Angeles. Some places, especially Valerie Confections toffee and caramel box will provide you with a fascinating choice of flavours when it comes to this delicious dessert.

Valerie Confections toffee and caramel box was established in 2004 and currently this shop can be found in two locations of LA. The first one is situated in Rampart Village whereas another one is in Echo Park. Here, you can find a vast variety of toffees, so it might even be a bit challenging to pick the best ones. If you happen to be in LA during a holiday season, you might prefer purchasing a packed assortment box of toffees and caramels. Traditionally, such boxes have toffees of three flavours including Durango, pumpkin and black sesame. There are also three flavours of caramels which are black sesame, liquid mescal and almond fleur de sel. Such a box costs 50 dollars.

Pay your attention to the choice of other goods in the Valerie Confections shops as there is plenty of other tasty products many of which can be transported home. The list includes chocolates, pies, cakes and jam.

The best gifts for the devotees of Asian cuisine

The fact LA is so multicultural allows you to purchase some pretty exotic goods which are actually manufactured in this city. One of the most noteworthy options when it comes to exclusive desserts is Fugetsu-Do mocha selection which includes twelve pieces of various tastes and costs 23.50 dollars.

Fugetsu-Do is one of the oldest businesses established in Little Tokyo. The bakery has been active since 1903 and it was created by Seiichi Kito. The specialisation of Fugetsu-Do is mocha. it is quite possible you have not just never eaten this dessert but you might also have never heard of it. This certainly makes it curious to try this dessert.

Mochi is made of rice which is ponded in the way in which it creates a paste. In such a way, it can be formed in different shapes. Of course, a whole variety of tastes is also added to mochi. Some of the examples of the dessert offered by Fugetsu-Do are mocha with peanuts, red beans and strawberries. In order to have a chance to taste an entire variety of types of mocha, it will be a good idea to purchase the selection of twelve pieces mentioned at the beginning of the article.

The best gift for those who are in love with pastries

Undeniably, pastry shops and bakeries all over the world have a choice of their own products some of which are pretty exclusive. If there is a person on the list of people to whom you are going to get a present enjoying eating pastry, you might think about getting some locally produced cookies for him or her. Of course, there are many places in LA where you can get such goods located in different neighbourhoods including Westwood Village. One of the most notable bakeries with an amazing choice of pastry is Phoenix Bakery. This business has been on the market for almost ninety years which itself is great proof of the quality of the goods the place is offering since so many generations of people have been purchasing the treats backed by Phoenix.

One of its most noteworthy desserts is a sugar butterfly. In fact, it is a cookie which is sticky and glazed and certainly looks like a butterfly. You also should try the almond cookies offered by Phoenix Bakery.