Delicious gifts from Los Angeles

No matter whether you are staying in Westwood Village or in any other neighbourhood of Los Angeles during your trip, it does not change the fact the people waiting for your return from your trip will be happy to get a gift.

You know how challenging it might be to get a great gift for the people you really love and care about, especially if they are quite demanding or are unsure of their preferences themselves. If this is the case, one of the best options choose for you will be purchasing something delicious and certainly manufactured in Los Angeles. Fortunately, there is abundance of food brands in this area and many of them are absolutely unique offering amazing exclusive goods. This article will help you to navigate through the gigantic offer of such goods and choose the best ones.

For the fans of spicy food

In any community there is always at least one person absolutely crazy about spicy food. It seems such people cannot eat anything at all without adding chili to the dish and the more chili there is, the better the dish tastes to them. For some of these individuals, it seems like there are no boundaries for their tolerance of spicy food.

If there is such a person waiting for your return from the trip to LA, you can easily make him or her happy bringing one of the amazing chili sauces or chili crisps from Rice Box. Rice Box is a restaurant located in Los Angeles which is not offering ready-to-eat dishes but also has a line of its own bottled sauces and oils. Note, this is not the only such place in LA and you can actually get your sauce from one of sixteen locations.

If you are going to buy one from Rice Box, you should be prepared to pay between five an dtwenty dollars for a bottle.

For the devotees of Greek cuisine

This might be a bit strange, however, Los Angeles is also a great place for purchasing food related to Greek cuisine. There is certainly no need to explain how multicultural LA is, so there is no surprising Greek products are also present in its shops. Yet, there are more genuine places for purchasing various products and ingredients for Greek dishes and Papa Cristo’s Greek restaurant is one of the best choices for such purchases. Here, you will be able to find various Greek dressings including the one based on tahini as well as the dressing which is popularly known as the Greek salad dressing. Undeniably, this is also a perfect place to buy olive oil of the highest quality as well as various seasoning blends used in Greek cuisine.

Look for Papa Cristo’s Greek restaurant in the Pico-Union.

For the fans of cheese and wine

Certainly, you can easily purchase cheese of a great quality and a bottle of great wine as a present. This is so under the condition you know what to choose and this might be thus simple if it is your first trip to LA.

It might be a good idea to visit the Silver lake cheese shop and get one of their custom gift boxes or gift baskets. In such a case, you can make sure you will get the best possible options for the budget you are ready to spend for such a present. The minimum price for a custom gift box is only 50 dollars whereas if you choose a basket as a package for this present, you will have to buy 25 dollars more. For such a price you will be able to fill the present with the cheese of the best quality, wine, crackers, fresh fruits as well as a whole variety of other foods depending on your preferences.

Note there are no limits for the baskets and you can get one worth over 10 000 dollars.

For those who enjoy eating seafood

Los Angeles has many companies specialising in producing canned seafood and it is a great idea to bring such a good as a present from your trip to the people who really relish seafood. Yet, you should be aware of the fact some of the companies go beyond all of the expectations of their customers and are offering products of an especially high quality.

This can certainly be claimed about the Fishwife seafood company. This company is very serious about using sustainable aquaculture farming and heavily relies on micro-canneries as well as small fishermen rather than the seafood and fish produced by large companies.

The offer of Fishwife currently has smoked rainbow trout, smoked Atlantic salmon, albacore tuna as well as sardines which are wild-caught.

The prices for the products manufactured by Fishwife vary between 24 dollars and 33 dollars.