Los Angeles tour: museums

Los Angeles is filled with various museums which are offering a lot of amazing exhibitions. In fact, there are so many museums in this city that you will hardly be able to make a list of the best options. Yet, we are here to make some selection so that it will be easier for you to make up your mind where to go.

Hollywood Wax Museum®

If you are looking for some entertainment while staying in Los Angeles, you certainly should pay a visit to Hollywood Wax Museum® which will give you an opportunity to enjoy an exhibitions of many TV celebrities. Here, you will find extremely realistic wax sculptures of real legends such as Lucille Ball, Morgan Freeman or Samuel L. Jackson. Actually, you do not have to expect any specific exhibition judging by the name of the museum. The sculptures displayed here are not necessarily of the Hollywood stars.

A curious feature of the exhibition of Hollywood Wax Museum® is the fact the sculptures are displayed in a certain context. For example, here, you can see an entire arrangement of a glamorous party or a concert. Not only does it add extra realism to the sculptures but also allows you to make fantastic photos. Fortunately, taking photos is allowed.

World of Illusions Los Angeles

Another perfect museum for entertainment in Los Angeles is World of Illusions Los Angeles which is great for both children and adults and is probably an must for everyone who is crazy about Instagram and posting photos on social media.

That is so since World of Illusions Los Angeles is filled with fantasy worlds with curious illusion effects that will give you an unforgettable experience and allow you to make unique photos.

There are four themed places inside. The centre of everything is The Museum of Illusions which will give you absolutely unbelievable chances of seeing Titanic while it was sinking, getting close to a fire-breathing dragon or getting on the skyscraper ledge.

The next place located on the premises is the Giant’s House which has a collection of oversized items that will make you feel crazy as well as everyone looking at your photos.

Smash It is a special room where you will be allowed to write anything negative bothering you pottery only to smash it and get rid of it for good.

Finally, you are also invited to visit the Upside Down House where, as you can guess, everything is upside down. Needless to say, this will also give you a chance to have a great time making photos exploring the mind-boggling space.