The things you will certainly love about Westwood

If you are planning a visit to Los Angeles, you certainly should check the upscale residential and commercial neighbourhood surrounded by Holmby Hills, Century City, Brentwood and Sawtelle. Of course, this amazing place is Westwood which is particularly famous for its fantastic pedestrian-friendly Westwood Village and the campus of UCLA.

As you can imagine, there are many students living in the area, however, the place is also attracting professionals and celebrities coming primarily to Fox Theatre.

Check the things about Westwood which you will definitely like.

The walkability

One of the greatest things about this neighbourhood is the walkability of its areas, especially in Westwood Village. The infrastructure of the place was designed in such a way as to make it possible for more and more people to walk around especially while navigating between Westwood Village and UCLA. Actually, this neighbourhood is more friendly for pedestrians than for drivers even though almost all of the residents of Los Angeles own cars.

The neighbourhood is also auspicious for bicycle and electric scooter drivers. Thus, if you prefer to walk on your own, you will certainly enjoy your time in Westwood.

Amazing restaurants

Westwood is a perfect place for anyone who enjoys eating out. The neighbourhood is simply crowded with various diners and restaurants even though it might not be thus commercialised as Silver Lake or Atwater Village which are widely known as major destinations for foodies in Los Angeles. The closer you will be getting to Westwood Village, the more breweries, pubs, coffee shops and various types of eateries, you will find. The street along the Westwood Boulevard is also crowded with places where you can enjoy delicious food.

Some of the most favourite eating spots in this area are Diddy Reise, Attari Grill and Attari Sandwich Shop as well as Mary & Robbs Westwood Cafe.

The outdoor recreation facilities

A crucial feature of the Westwood neighbourhood which makes it so attractive not only to visitors but also for those who would like to purchase some real estate is a closed proximity to facilities for outdoor and beach recreation. Actually, many of most attractive beaches of the entire Los Angeles County are located in Westwood. The location of the neighbourhood also makes it auspicious for such activities as camping, bird watching as well as hiking.

In addition to it, the neighbourhood has several beautiful parks with extensive sports programmes. For instance, Westwood Recreation Centre and Westwood Parks are offering a lot of sports programmes. Additionally, music and dance classes are also held here. There are numerous courts for outdoor sports and playgrounds in the area.

A children-friendly community

As you have already learnt, a great part of the population of Westwood is professionals and students. Still, the neighbourhood is very family-oriented. For instance, people with children who are thinking about the possibility of moving to Westwood will certainly like the idea of the possibility of choosing among several public schools belonging to the Los Angeles Unified School District which have a very high reputation.

Various institutions and organisations located in the area are also particularly family-friendly. Some of the most appealing among the attractions for families with children are Rolling Robots, Art Zone and Pamper & Play.

Other attractions

Of course, Westwood also has a range of other amazing attractions which will make you absolutely pleased with your visit to this place. As you have already learnt, there is a variety of outdoor activities waiting for the visitors of Westwood as well as abundance of restaurants. There are also fantastic options for shopping, such as for example Westside Pavilion Mall.

The cultural life in the neighbourhood is very rich as well. Westwood Village has some of the most important art galleries and museums of Los Angeles. Here, one can also visit theatres, for example Geffen Playhouse and, of course, do not forget about legendary Fox Theatre.