Weird public laws of California

Many countries and cities of the world have pretty weird or even insane laws. A part of this laws has been created recently, however, as a rule, the majority of the most strangest laws are pretty old. It is just that in some locations changes laws which are no longer relevant cannot be updated or stopped so easily, so they continue their existence even though they are actually not enforced anymore. Still, there is always a chance that some particularly efficient police officer will give you hard times if you break one of these laws.

Reading about such laws today, when we do not even know a bit of the history and the time frame when these laws were relevant, they might appear pretty bizarre. This article will show you some of these laws.

The rules regarding driving

No matter, where you are in California, you should never drive your vehicle if you have put a housecoat. This is simply illegal in the entire state.

Another universal rule applied to entire California is the prohibition for autonomous vehicles to speed up over 60 miles per hour.

In some places in California, you might come across a regulation which does not allow you to keep anything else rather than your car inside a garage. It is good to know about this fact since to many people this might seem rather illogical. The rule is applied to Long Beach.

By the way, if you are visiting Downey or are going to live here, you should know it is not allow to wash any of your vehicles outside. Surprisingly, in Los Angeles, you can wash the car of your neighbour without any consequences as it is not regarded as an illegal act. You do not have to get any permission from your neighbour in case you really want to clean his or her car.

Actually, you will hardly find a place where the officers of law enforcement will appreciate your attempts to jump into a moving vehicle or to do it in another way and get out of the vehicle while it is still moving. Yet, the majority of locations do not have any specific rule for such a behaviour and in Glendale, this is prohibited officially. In Glendale, it is also prohibited to drive in reverse.

The public regulations in California

If you are visiting Hermosa Beach, never pour salt on its highway as it is prohibited by the law.

Visiting Blythe, you should know there are specific regulations for wearing cowboy boots here. This type of shoes is reserved for real cowboys or the people who have at least two cows.

One of the public rules which might be found rather annoying today by many people exists in Walnut. Here, men and boys are not allowed to wear the clothes designed for females officially. The only exception in this case is participation in drama or any other type of amusement. By the way, if one really wants to dress up like a woman, it is recommended to get a special permission from a sheriff.

By the way, there is one more public regulation still existing in Walnut which might seem to be lacking some particular sense. This rule regards flying kites which cannot go higher than 10 feet from the level of the ground.

At the same time, if you are visiting Long Beach and are specifically on a mini golf course, you can feel free to curse in any way you prefer as this is absolutely allowed by the law. Apparently, there should be something rather nervous in playing mini golf.

In case you are crazy about hunting moths which are circling around street lumps, you should really do your best to refrain from such activity when you are in Los Angeles where it is prohibited officially.

While in Bythe, they do not allow men and boys to put on women’s clothes and shoes, in Carmel they forbid wearing women’s shoes even in case of women themselves. The rule is specific for high-heeled models of shoes.

A curious fact about San Francisco is that, in this city of California, people are very careful about the ways in which the food made for humans is carried. To be precise, any pastries, bread or cakes which are supposed to be consumed by people, cannot be transported in exposed containers even if it an open basket. Obviously, the rule has something to do with the history, since it is not applied to any other type of food which might simply be counter-intuitive.

By the way, you certainly should not play bowling on any of the sidewalks of Chico.

Unfortunately, San Francisco is a city built only for really beautiful people and anyone, who can be classified as “ugly” has to stay inside in case it happened he or she is in the city. No walking down any street in San Francisco is allowed for such people here.