The most crucial art galleries and museums of Westwood Village

Westwood Village is a very crucial place to the art scene of Los Angeles with its numerous art galleries and museums. In fact, this even the house of one of the most significant art museums in entire Los Angeles which will certainly be described in this article. Here, you will also find about an amazing place to celebrate art absolutely for free as well as the spot where you can have an ultimate experience of the exploration of art in one of the most scenic natural environments of Los Angeles.

Hammer Museum

Hammer Museum is the place which should be on the list of the places of interest to visit not only of the travellers coming specifically to Westwood Village, but also to the ones planning to stay in other places of Los Angeles. The reason for that is the fact this museum is actually one of the crucial museums and art galleries of the entire Los Angeles.

You can find Hammer Museum at 10899 Wilshire Boulevard, Westwood, Los Angeles. The museum is filled with collections of films and various exhibits. Its major focus is modern art, however, you will find here a lot to explore even if you are not a particular fan of the contemporary art. For instance, the collections of Hammer Museum have pieces created by Degas and Monet. There are also multiple interactive exhibits in this museum which are certainly of great interest.

The Fowler Museum

Another curious place for visit for people who are interested in culture is The Fowler Museum which is located at 308 Charles E Young Drive North, Westwood, Los Angeles. In fact, the location of the museum is just the centre of the campus of UCLA.

The Fowler Museum has very interesting collections of exhibits depicting the culture and art of different nations coming from Africa, North America, South America as well as Asia. The museum always has several exhibitions at the same time, however, this is not the ned of its activity. On the premises of The Fowler Museum, one can participate in numerous workshops and even enjoy musical performances.

By the way, you can enter the museum for free.

Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden

In Westood Village, you have a unique chance of enjoying art outdoors. One of the major places to do it is Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden located at Charles E. Young Drive E, Los Angeles.

Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden is an extremely picturesque place itself and it is particularly loved by the students of UCLA as it has amazing spots for studying outdoors. Yet, the place also has a great artistic value since it is home to over seventy sculptures created by various artists including Hans Arp and Auguste Rodin. The collection of sculptures exhibited here is of various styles, so that you will be able to explore a quite large diversity of creations.

You can visit this place on your own and explore the collection of sculptures, however, if you would like to delve more into the stories behind them, you can choose a tour offered by Hammer Museum.