Theatres and cinemas worth visiting in Westwood Village

Westwood Village has a great meaning to the world of cinema and theatre and there are a couple of places you should visit while staying in this part of Los Angeles. Undeniably, one of the most crucial spots here is Fox Theatre which gathers not only regular visitors but also the Hollywood elite during special events which actually happen here quite frequently. Another important place is Geffen Playhouse which has a lot to offer to its visitors and is heavily focused in nourishing the appreciation of art among people of different age groups.

Geffen Playhouse

If you are longing for theatre performances, you are in the right place in Westwood Village as there is a non-profit theatre known as Geffen Playhouse. Geffen Playhouse was named after David Goffen who is an entertainment mogul. The place has two stages where it holds up to five plays during each season.

The major idea of this place is to raise the interest in art among the community. For that reason, Geffen Playhouse is not only the place to enjoy theatrical performances but also the right place to participate in the creation of art actively. For example, Geffen Playhouse has its own educational programmes for the community in general and specific ones dedicated to the high school students.

You will find this theatre at 10886 Le Conte Avenue, Los Angeles.

Fox Theatre

Whether you are a theatre devotee or not, you should certainly visit Fox Theatre located in Westwood Village. This is an iconic construction dated back to 1930s with its elegant art deco style reminding its visitors of an absolutely different era of the development of cinema. Visiting this place will give you an absolutely new experience, so you should not miss this stylish white tower with a glistering name of the theatre “Fox”. Actually, it is difficult to miss the theatre as the tower makes it well visible among other buildings of Westwood Village.

Fox Theatre is exactly located under the following address: Westwood Village Theater, 961 Broxton Avenue, Los Angeles. Today, this place is pretty occupied especially on particular weekends, when the intersection of Weyborn and Broxton becomes a real spot for a red carpet. On these occasions, you will be able to see the glamourous elites of Hollywood coming to the theatre.

Apart from such very special events, Fox Theatre gives several showtimes during a day on a regular basis.