Bizarre rules of California regarding household

In case you are planning to move to one of the places located on the premises of California, it is highly recommended to go through this article which will tell you more about some specific regulations which might seem pretty strange, albeit for some historical reasons, they still exist in California.

The majority of these rules can be applied exclusively in particular city and towns while others are pretty universal. In any way it is crucial or at least entertaining to know they do exist despite all of their weirdness.

The rules regarding household

As you can imagine, there is an entire set of regulations for organising your own household and some of the rules might seem strange. Most of such rules are not universal for California and they might vary from one place to another, however, it is great to know about them, especially if you are planning to move to one of the Californian cities or towns.

For example, the San Diego region is the place where people can be fined for leaving their Christmas lights decorating the outside part of the houses after the second of February. This is illegal in San Diego.

For some strange reason, growing oleanders in Norco is prohibited and you should know about this fact if you are moving there since oleanders is one of the most popular plants decorating the gardens of houses in many parts of the world.

Another place of California, where garages are earmarked exclusively for automobiles is San Francisco. Here, the regulation is applied not only to the garages of households but also to the ones belonging to hotels.

Providing you are dreaming about having several bathrooms at home with beautiful bathtubs, you certainly should not move to Prunedale where such a solution to the interior design is prohibited by the law.

Household and animals

Pay your attention to the fact, some places of California have very specific rules for having pets. Some of the cities and towns actually have strict limits when it comes to the number of pets you are allowed to keep at home. For example, in San Jose the total number of pets you can keep at home is only two, however, the rule is applicable only to cats and dogs.

Household and vehicles

One of the regulations regarding vehicles which is present in some of the places around California seems to be particularly counter-intuitive, however it is out there and you should be aware of it. This rule regards the usage of garages which are earmarked exclusively for car storage in some of the areas such as, for instance, San Francisco.

At the same time, there are some funny rules regarding cars as well, such as, for example, an official permission to wash a vehicle of your neighbour without actually having any agreement from the side of your neighbour. He or she will not have any chance to stop you from it as such an act is absolutely legal in some places of California.